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Working Title: All Perish – Perish is taken. In development.

Working Tagline: If you’re not from here, you die here.

Moral Premise:
Choosing to run in fear leads to bondage and death while
Choosing to stand in courage leads to life and freedom.

A forest ranger who quit the LAPD to escape the violence of the city, must now find and destroy a massive snake with an appetite for people, before the creature fulfills an ancient curse to destroy all intruders on the island.

Opening Image (Page 1)

View of palm trees blowing in the wind. A still, desaturated, haunted view. No camera movement. The trees in the wind capture the attention. Music here tells us we’re not entering paradise.

Setup & Theme Stated (Pages 1-10)
The Approach

A couple buckles in as chopper rotor spins. Up over the north shore of the island. Spectacular arial views. Waterfalls. Green, jagged mountains. A beautiful and treacherous paradise.

Place to Land06/07/2017

The guy looks out the window and then to a map of the island of Kauai. He points on the map. The pilot nods recognition. Pilot appears troubled.

Map and Mission06/07/2017

The couple exit chopper with camera equipment. Nervous pilot: tells them no one has ever come to this place. If he doesn't have the chopper back by nightfall, he'll get fired. The guy tells the pilot to relax. They're about to make the discovery of the century.

Ancient Temple Ruins06/07/2017

The couple moves deeper into the jungle. Soon they discover ancient stone figurines, and remnants of a building. The guy's excited. They record footage. He kneels to read an ancient language. This was the entrance to the sacred forest. Anyone foreigner who crosses into this land will bring destruction on everyone. The girl thinks that's a little dark. The guy blows it off. All ancient cultures had this crap.

The Curse Awakens05/30/2017

Picture slowly fades in from all black. We're underwater. Something has come to life.

First Blood

The couple continues to discover. Photos. They get more excited. A channel of water ahead. Used to be a bridge here. "We're getting close." They swim. The guy is almost to the other side. He’s yanked under — doesn’t resurface. Girl is terrified. Frantic. Alone in the water. She looks everywhere. The guy’s camera floats to the top. She looks back down into the depths - TERROR. We cut wide as her screams echo through the valley.

Meet the Hero06/08/2017

Running shoes POUND black asphalt. We meet SANDI DAVIES (32). She's sweaty. In shape. Focused. Sandi makes her way down up a winding road surrounded by the beauty of the island. We see the ocean in the distance. Then paradise is shattered by a blaring ambulance tearing down the lone highway on the east side of the island. Sandi stops -- She's troubled. Phone rings. She hits the button. Says no problem - she'll do the beach rounds. Hangs up. Continues to eye the speeding ambulance.


Sandi is cleaned up. Kauai forest service badge on sleeve. OLIVIA (11) walks in and yanks the refrigerator door open. Grabs poke. "Poke for breakfast?" Olivia says she doesn't get tired of things, unlike her mother. Olivia turns the cold shoulder and walks to her room. Sandi is frustrated - she doesn't have time for this.


A SCREAM from down the hall! Sandi barrels to her daughter’s bedroom. It’s a centipede on the wall. Sigh. Hand slides off pistol. Girl is sick of this stuff. She wants to go back to Los Angeles. She grabs her backpack and heads for the door to catch the school bus. Sandi says she needs to give it more than a couple weeks. Door SLAMS.

Camp Shutdown

Sandi pulls up next to a campsite near the ocean. Taps on the side of a tent. A girl cooks breakfast over a fire. Sandi informs her of no camping in this area of the national park. Tells her to enjoy the day - no rush. Just move out before night. Even gives her recommendations. (this is a save the cat moment - we like her kindness here)

Calling the Shots
Theme Stated06/12/2017

Sandi notices a surfer out on a wave. He's with the girl. “Wow, he's good." Yeah, he likes the big waves. "Aren't they dangerous?" He's had some bad wipeouts on them. But he says he's not living if he let's fear control him.

Logic Questioned
Ranger's Office

Sandi pulls up in jeep outside. We enter Sandi's office. Photo of her and another LAPD officer on desk. Huge smiles. She walks to Akoni's office. He holds a ring - shoves it in his desk drawer. She notices. "Was that a ring?" Akoni hem haws… “It either is or it isn’t.” Phone for Sandi - it’s about the missing couple.

Good Day
Bad Day
Island Excite

Sandi and Akoni visit Island Excite. New signage about to go up. Grand opening in a few days. Sandi talks to pilot. Asks Akoni for verification on drop off point. She says permits for the attraction don’t grant permission to let people off there. Does the owner know about this? Frank introduces himself from behind.

In Control

Frank walks them outside where the helicopters are. In a round about way he threatens her. Maybe asks how her first two weeks have been. Does she like it here? Would hate to see her move back to the smog. She stands up to him - wants a bird and the pilot to go find them.

Pauses at the helicopter06/03/2017

Akoni is hesitant as they board the chopper. Sandi notices. "It's stupid really, just..." What? He tells her about local folklore and how nobody goes there. She clarifies: Nobody? Ever? Why? Akoni doesn't know. She turns to the pilot. Asks him why he took them there. "They were looking for something."

Control Threatened
Control the Ranger06/08/2017

Frank watches them leave. Calls the Chief of Police. Tells him there could be a missing person problem, and he's got a tenacious ranger. Franks needs to know there won't be any problems. The Chief of Police assures him that will be the case.

The Search

The pilot takes Sandi and Akoni to the same spot in the Halelea Forest. Which way did they go in? Pass through the same area. Same ritualistic statues. Sandi looks closely at them. There's a language she hasn't seen before. It's not Hawaiian. They continue to the water. Spot the waterproof camera case floating. They get it - camera still has juice. Pull up pics... yeah, this was their camera.

Inciting Incident & Debate (Pages 12-25)
Human Remains

Akoni goes in. Finds an arm. Surfaces, about ready to puke. The remains of both are discovered.

Hope Lost
Medical Examiner

Medical examiner says a boar is the only thing on the island that could kill someone, but this wasn’t done by a boar. Maybe there's a sick killer out there? Sandi gets the Chief of Police on the phone. Chief asks to speak with her privately. Medical examiner shakes his head. She steps into the hall.

Fear of Unknown
It Was a Boar

Chief tells Sandi the the examiner is a nut job. Sandi says she needs help with this. Chief is slammed with a meth lab bust on the south side of the island. This happened on park land, she can sort it out. No way, she’s not homicide anymore. Chief says it’s not a homicide — It's a boar hunt. It's the only thing on the island that could do this to anyone. She's the new ranger, what's she going to do about it?

No Rifles

Sandi tells Akoni they're now boar hunters. This isn't Yellowstone, so they don't have rifles at the ranger station. Purchase two rifles. Local gun store owner asks for what? Boar. Uh oh... they tearing up local land again?

Just a Boar
The Hunt

Sandi and Akoni wait by the channel (first attack) with rifles. They stay out until dusk. Some eerie moments here, but also time to discover Akoni’s relationship problems. Sandi gives brief advice. This scene explores the theme through Akoni while it gives us more to like about our hero.

Calms to Conversation
No Pigs - Angry Daughter06/03/2017

They didn't see a thing. Sandi pulls up in driveway. Inside daughter is watching TV. Homework done? "I talked to dad." WHAT?! "He said I could live with him." They fight. It's all Sandi's fault. She's the one who wanted to leave. Olivia hates it here.

In Control
Bad Dream06/03/2017

It's night. Ambulance lights cut through the darkness. Sandi is in an LAPD uniform. An officer walks up beside her. "He didn't make it." Sandi wakes up. She's sweaty. Sun shines in the window.

Out of Control
The Parents06/12/2017

Back at the office next morning. Sandi pulls up to find an older couple in the parking lot. The husband gets out of the car. They're the parents of the girl. Took a red eye to get there. They just came from police station. Dad chokes up. Something tore his daughter to pieces. Shows Sandi a picture of his daughter. She has a necklace on. Chief of police told him Sandi was insisting it was boar. The dad grew up on a pig farm, they don't attack in the water! Sandi is flustered - maybe wild boars are different? Pigs are pigs. Find out what really killed her, or the forest department will pay.

Chief of Police06/02/2017

Sandi is pissed. She storms into the police station. Heads to the Chief's office. He's in a meeting. She doesn't care. He blamed her for his assessment? He says the parents would have been up his ass if he said it was something other than a boar. Sandi mentions boars don't swim. He says she doesn't know Kauai boars. He's too busy to do her job. Is she not right for island work?

Shut Down
Break into Two (Page 25)
DNA Testing06/02/2017

Sandi drives - calls the medical examiner. She wants DNA testing done on the remains. Like they do in Yellowstone to verify bear attacks. He actually already sent it out -- They should know soon.

Back to the Gun Store06/02/2017

She passes the gun store while on the phone. U turns and goes inside. Asks them for more information about boar hunting. Do they go in the water? What do they eat? They tell her to hire Badden. Who's that? Best boar hunter on the islands.

B Story & Fun and Games (Pages 30-55)

Sandi drives up a rough mountain road. Finds a small shack. Boar tusks and head mounts decorate the porch. ‘Click.’ She raises her hands. Badden sees the forest ranger badge, lowers weapon. “You’re the new ranger.”

Local Folklore06/09/2017

Sandi says there's been a boar attack and she wants to hire him. Badden isn't interested. No offense, but he's worked with the forest district before. Have fun. Sandi runs in front of him as he's trying to go inside. She needs his help. She's a cop, not a boar hunter. A cop? Badden says payment up front, they do it his way.

What location?

Sandi shows Badden on the map where the attack was. Says it's the “ka pouli” area. Local folklore. Means darkness. He's scared of folklore? She doesn't get it. Nobody has set foot there in centuries. Sandi tells him she's been there with a pilot from Island Excite. He's surprised, but not convinced. She raises the pay.

Spiritual Side06/17/2017

He'll go, but they'll take a back way in. He doesn't want problems from the locals. They venture into the area just before night fall. She tells him about the figurines. Badden says the islanders have a lot of beliefs about the spirit world. It could be anything. He's thinks they're way off.

Confidence in direction
The Bible

They enter the Ka Pouli area. Sandi can't believe this entire place is avoided for superstition. Badden says he's hunted all over the world. This is normal for locals, because they really see stuff. Sandi asks what he believes. The Bible. The Bible? She's shocked. Why? It's the only religion where you're standing with God isn't based on works.

In The Water?06/12/2017

He tells her Russian boars have bred with the pigs the Polynesians originally brought over, and they can be nasty. Badden chooses a spot, but not near the water. She questions. They do it his way. But they were in the water. In the water? She didn't tell him that. Boars can swim, but they don't attack in the water. So then what was it? He wants to see the place. They approach the water - the sun is setting. You found them here?

Clueless again
Did The Girl Do It?

What'd the medical examiner say? That it wasn't boar. Then why is she hunting boar? Chief of Police. Shit. He tells her the cops here are the ones you can't trust. If there's any reason for him to string her on, he will. Has she considered this girl may have killed the guy?

Second Kill06/03/2017

Sunrise just about to happen. A couple are sleeping in their tent. Suddenly the man is yanked by his feet from the tent. He looks up, breathing hard. Eyes grow wide. Girl SCREAMS from the tent door. Man is pulled across the ground and into the forest.

On Location06/03/2017

Police are on location. Sandi pulls up in her jeep. Quizzes the police. The girl survivor is already at the station. Badden arrives. Points out the path where the man was dragged -- grabs his gun. Police tell him he has to stay out right now. Badden doesn't give a crap. "It's forest land and he's with the district ranger."

Blood Trail06/03/2017

Badden and Sandi slowly move into the jungle. Small trees are bent over and splintered. Badden pauses -- kneels to the ground. Blood. There was a survivor? Sandi says she'll go talk to her. Badden wants to stay longer. She'll meet him back here.

Black Death06/04/2017

Sandi drives to the police station. Sandi wants to speak to the survivor. "Good luck, she's not saying anything." Sandi goes in. Girl is a local. Terrified. “ʻi ka pouli” — The darkness. She won’t say anything else. She wants to leave the island. Sandi passes the sheriff on her way out. "still sticking with the boar theory?"

The Scale

Sandi pulls up. Badden's truck is still there, but she doesn't see him anywhere. Police are all gone. She heads in the direction of the blood trail. Pulls her phone to call Badden - his phone if off. Creepy minute or two as she pushes deep into the jungle. She finds him. He found more blood on the ground. And this: he pulls something from his pocket and hands it to her. What is that?

Fish and Game06/03/2017

Sandi and Badden are with a man in a lab. He looks at the scale with a magnifying glass. Where did you find this? They tell him. He's in denial. He doesn't know what it is, but it's reptilian and that's impossible. They'd have to speak with a herpetologist. Sandi calls the medical examiner - the results just came back. It's a reptile.

She Needs Badden06/03/2017

They step outside. She asks Badden what his rate would be to help her figure this out. He tells her she can't afford him. She reminds him that people are dying. He says that's not his problem. But... big game hunting is his life. He'll help. Whatever it is, it's his. His trophy. First things first - they keep people out of the area. Sandi agrees, and then remembers: the Island Excite grand opening.

Delay the Opening06/03/2017

They pull in at Island Excite. Sandi tells Frank they should delay the grand opening until these deaths can be sorted out. Frank isn't going to let trouble with the local wildlife derail his business. She tells him about the scale. A scale? Frank is humored. So what does she think it is? This is the island with no reptiles. She tells him she'll pull his permits. He tells her to just do her job.

Plans for Tomorrow06/03/2017

They're back at the ranger station. Sandi is pissed. She's going to pull his permits. Badden tells her that won't work. Why? Frank has more political ties than anyone else on the island. He can't trump her authority. Badden tells her they should get ready to accompany the tour tomorrow. Sandi instead calls the mayor's office.

No Luck06/03/2017

Badden walks out of her office. Akoni asks him about hunting -- was it scary going after lions in Africa? Badden says there's always danger going after big game. That's what separates the good hunters from the wanna be's. They hear a BANG from the office. Sandi comes out mad. Badden was right - Frank is untouchable. So they'll accompany the tour. Sandi needs to decompress. She wants to do what they did in the LAPD. What's that?


Sandi has Badden, Akoni and his girlfriend over for burgers. Fun harassment to Akoni over relationship stalls. Akoni says they'll take the next step if Sandi surfs again. That won't happen.

Why'd you leave LAPD?06/09/2017

Badden asks why she left LAPD. She tells him she was TFO and off a rotating shift. Insisted on pursuing a criminal in a dodgy situation. Her partner was killed. She feels responsible. Did they catch the killer? The cartel killed 2 more officers and placed her on a hit list. That's when she left the city for the peace of the island.

Grand Opening Day

The grand opening is festive. It’s an all day excursion that includes zip lines, kayaks, tubing and spelunking. No Hawaiian Island has this type of attraction. Sandi, Badden, Akoni and KORY (another ranger) show up with high powered rifles. Frank is not cool with this. His grandson is on the tour - there’s no danger. Sandi tells him "she’s just doing her job.”

Daughter wants to go

Olivia shows up. She’s going too - it’s the cool thing to try out. NO WAY. Sandi sends her packing. They fight. Olivia is finally making friends and her mom is destroying it again. She storms off. A boy spots her. He’s the grandson of the owner. Invites her to ride with him on the helicopter. She sneaks on.

Close Watch

Sandi, Badden, Akoni and Kory are on watch. They move along with the tour, scope out the forest with binocs. Radios. Rifles.

Zip Lines

Sandi discovers Olivia came anyway. She tells her to stay close. The group zip lines by a breath taking waterfall and large pool.

Something in the Water!

The owner’s grandson departs from the group, and runs along the water’s edge towards the falls. Olivia follows. A girl on the zip line platform screams - there’s something in the water! She points - at the same location the grandson and Olivia are in! Sandi sees it -- The surface of the water wakes as whatever it is approaches!

Midpoint & Bad Guys Close In (Pages 55-75)
Kory is Eaten

Sandi yells at Olivia to get away from the water. She shouts to Kory to help. He runs for them. The surface EXPLODES. A massive black snake head (4 feet wide) shoots from the water and bites down on Kory. He screams -- tries to grab onto roots, trees... anything. He’s rapidly dragged into the depths. Sandi fires shots into the water. Badden is wide-eyed. He saw the snake. Everyone saw the snake. Panic.


People almost kill each other trying to get out of there. Someone's stuck on the zip line platform. Sandi makes sure her daughter is okay. Sends Akoni up to help the person on the platform.

Moment of Grace06/04/2017

The grandson is loaded into an ambulance - broken arm. Sandi stares at the flashing lights. She's visibly troubled. Badden approaches. He knows what's going on in her head. "It wasn't your fault." She thinks it was. She didn't take this seriously enough. A cop is dead. Badden shakes her out of it - this isn't her fault. Sandi pulls it together. She wants to kill the snake. Looks across the parking lot and makes eye contact with Frank. Frank looks away in shame.

No Help

Sandi and Akoni are both on the phone. Sandi slams the receiver down. She's gone all of the way to the governor - NOTHING. It's just bureaucracy. Badden says he told her.

Frank Shows Up

Frank walks in. He knows they're not getting anywhere. He knows that the snake will continue to kill. What does Frank want? To help. How?

Weapons Truck

Frank takes them to his truck. It's loaded with high powered rifles, tranquilizer guns and more. He wants to help kill it.


Frank knows a herpetologist. They get him on a video conference call. He's shocked at what they're telling him. He says there's a small snake they recently discovered that pulls its prey into pieces and eats them. That would explain the body parts. He's in Africa and can't come, but briefs them on reptilian behavior. They put markers on a map of all the attacks.

Live Bait

They’re in the forest near the zip lines. They have a couple goats with them. One staked right next to the blue hole. It’s getting dark.

Smart vs Stupid

Badden reveals that 5 years ago he lost a huge score because he was afraid of the trek into the jungle to look for it. Another hunter made the kill. Ever since that point, he’s willing to role the dice. But there is a difference between smart and stupid.

Another Attack

Sandi gets a phone call from the police department. Her snake has hit somewhere else on the island. The Chief is rattled... they were relatives of his. They go to the scene. It’s a local Polynesian family. The woman weeps. “Aue. Hoino ana!” She’s saying it’s the curse.

The Curse

Frank tells them “Uncle Larry Rivera” grew up on a sugar cane plantation in Kauai and knows more than anyone. He plays ukes for tourists now. They locate Uncle Larry Rivera and ask him about the curse. He’s somber. “So it’s true.” He says they must speak with the kupuna (elder) who lives in the hanging ferns.

The Elder06/03/2017

They find the elder. He’s a Polynesian. 101 years old. Lives in solitude in a cave. They ask him about the curse. He is concerned. What has happened? Did anyone enter the sacred grounds? They ask where that is. The old man tells them... yeah, it's the place the young couple died.

The Menehune

When Polynesians arrived on the island, there was a race of people already here. They were the Menehune. The Polynesians did terrible things to them. One of the Menehune priests gathered all the hallowed things to his people and him them in the sacred grounds. He then cursed the inhabitants of the island and called for darkness to rise up from Po (underworld) to consume all if an intruder ever set foot on the sacred grounds.

How Do They Kill It?

Sandi wants to know how they stop it. The elder says to find the snake’s resting place is the only way. In the great underwater cave below the falls. They leave. The old man watches them go. He says “a pau makou, e make” (we will all die). He removes a knife from a sheath and slams it into his gut.

The Hike

Sandi, Badden, Akoni and Frank fly in as close as they can to the area where the cave is supposed to be. They continue the journey on foot. Badden tells Sandi there are stories of animals being run by spirits even back in the Bible. So what happened? People died. Was there any time when a spirit didn’t win? Only when Jesus came. That’s why exorcisms use the name of Jesus to control spirits.

The Falls

They find the high waterfalls that dump into a pool where the cave rests. It’s stunning. This is a few miles from where the attacks have been taking place. Badden tells them snakes rest at different times of the day or night. It depends on the type of snake. Since the attacks happen during the day, the reptile must retreat to the cave during the night. But there's no guarantee.

Eyes Open

Sandi and Badden are going down with the explosives. Badden mentions, “snakes don’t have eye lids. So this thing could be watching you approach.” Sandi asks if this is smart or stupid. It’s stupid, but they're out of options.

The Descent06/12/2017

They descend into the darkness. Under the falls lies a massive cave. Sandi and Badden disappear into the darkness of the cave. The cave is empty. They surface inside - on a ledge there are bones.

She Died Here06/12/2017

They find the girl's necklace. There's a noise - the snake has entered! They kill the lights and climb onto the rock ledge.

Snake Sleeps

The snake circles on the bottom of the cave underwater and lies motionless. Badden motions for them to enter the water. They have to swim over the snake to get to the entrance. They manage and plant the explosives.

It's Done!06/12/2017

Sandi and Badden surface and move to the edge of the pool. They pull off their masks. The explosives are in place - let's go!

All is Lost & Dark Night of the Soul (Pages 75-85)
Badden is Eaten06/12/2017

Frank and Akoni's eyes widen. Sandi and Badden whip around -- The snake rises from the pool behind them. RUN! Badden shoves Sandi out of the way. The snake bites down on Badden's leg! He screams. Frank shoots the snake, but it has no effect. Sandi grabs for his hand -- he's pulled into the water. Sandi screams NO!!!!!

Blow it Up!

Frank yells he's hitting the explosives. NO! Badden could still be alive. Frank goes for the remote and Sandi knocks it from his hand. She grabs it from the ground before he can get to it.


Sandi, Akoni and Frank rush through the trees. They're out of breath. Sandi is in shock. She crumbles to the ground. Frank asks if they saw that? The bullets bounced right off the scales!

The Snake is Coming

A BEEP from Frank's pack. He pulls out the camera controls. The snake crawls from the pool. It will be there in minutes.

Break into Three & Finale (Pages 85-110)

What do they have? The tranqs, a sawed off shotgun and a rifle. Bullets bounce off. But Sandi has an idea.

The Plan

Sandi says they can position the sawed off shot gun, get the snake to crawl over it and BOOM. Cut the thing in two. Is she crazy? Better options?

Rock and a Hard Place

They find a small ravine near a gushing river. Perfect. The snake will be forced through the small area. They position the gun and use fishing line around the trigger. Frank then climbs a tree -- He's not staying on the ground! Akoni assembles a pole with a tranq. Frank mocks the idea. If Akoni gets that close, he's dead already.

Come Get Us

They're in position. Sandi shoots the rifle into the air. Yells. They hear something -- The snake bursts from the jungle! It heads straight for Sandi. The snake approaches the ravine and stops. It's tongue comes out and picks up smells from the air. It goes around!

Plan B

It heads for Sandi. Frank shoots the snake in the head - PISSES it off. The snake turns towards Frank. He screams at them to run. Sandi says "no!" Frank shoots at her. She and Akoni run! They hear more shots. Horrible screams follow.

The Rapids

They run just above a river. In no time the snake is behind them. The snake DIVES for Akoni. He jumps into the rapids of the river.


Akoni hits a waterfall and sails over. CRASHES into the pool below. The snake follows. Sandi is above - spots a way down. Akoni scrambles to the edge of the pool. Turns around and sees the snake rise from the depths, staring at him.

Badden's Advice

Sandi stands on a massive, slanted rock angled at the water. She yells at the snake to get its attention. The snake continues towards Akoni. “Jesus!” The snake halts. It turns and looks at Sandi. “Oh shit.” The snake changes direction! Kory throws the tranquilizer spear -- it bounces short, about half way down the rock below Sandi. The snake opens its mouth and CHARGES. Sandi jumps and slides down the rock incline. She grabs the spear mid slide.

No Fear

Sandi yells as she approaches the open mouth of the snake. She RAMS the spear into the snake’s mouth. The tranquilizer STICKS! The snake rears back and shakes its head.


The pole snaps off, but the dart stays in. The snake struggles. Shakes it’s head back and forth. Sandi scrambles to get out of the way. The snake CRASHES to the ground motionless. Just inches from Sandi's leg! Sandi and Akoni are both in shock. They scream in triumph.

Back to the Cave06/17/2017

Sandi jumps to her feet and sprints back to the cave. She takes a deep breath and dives in. Surfaces. Badden's on the rocks! She scrambles up and checks his breathing. He's alive! She slaps his face. He coughs and sputters. Looks around. It's over. She killed it.

Final Image
Time to Surf Again

We're at a picnic on the beach. Olivia sits next to Akoni and his girlfriend. No wait… she’s sporting a ring. Akoni’s fiance. We cut to the edge of the water. Sandi and Badden hold surf boards. Baddeni tells her she's been missing out. Not anymore.