Kory Boudreau

Occupation / Age: Forest Ranger / 29
Primal Color: Blue
Strengths: Likes interacting with people. Enjoys life.
Weaknesses: Can't deal with negativity. Doubts himself. Doesn't like boring tasks.

Kory moved to Kaui to have fun. He likes to surf. He likes to hit the town.

He’s not that into permanent relationships. He enjoys the limelight, but not for ego… he just likes to live in that space. It helps his below-the-surface insecurities.

Kory is the one Sandi sends when it involves dealing with people, as he’s just good like that.

At the end of the day, Kory just wants to surf. He struggles with the mundane tasks require to pay the bills.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
Cotter Smith

Frank Ballmer

Occupation / Age: Owner of Island Excite / 67
Primal Color: Red
Strengths: Takes charge. Wants fast results. Decisive.
Weaknesses: Impatient with incompetence. Fears failure. Compares.

Frank comes from a wealthy family on the East Coast of the mainland. His father purchased 700 acres of land on Kauai back in the 70’s.

Frank moved to Kauai after his 3rd divorce, and decided to start Island Excite. His goal is to create the largest attraction on any of the Hawaiian islands. Money talks, and got him places politically that granted him permanent access to forest lands that had been off limits to everyone else.

Frank doesn’t lose. He never plays in a game that he can’t win. He’s driven like crazy and wants the best in everything. He has problems comparing.

Compassion and care for anyone but himself is rare.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
General Goal
Frank doesn't need the money. Making the greatest attraction on the islands is an ego thing.
A: His passion for Island Excite is about ego and a fear of failure. He will do what he said he could do.
B: He almost loses his grandson at the midpoint.
C: He sacrifices his life later for others.
Alveraz Ricardez

Leon “Badden” Pierce

Occupation / Age: Boar hunter / 40
Primal Color: Green / Red
Strengths: A loner. Analytical. Bull headed.
Weaknesses: Bull headed. Does things his own way. A bit myopic.

Badden is a hunter. He’s hunted lions in Africa, Big Horn Sheep in Wyoming, Royal Elk in Montana, Gators in Florida and plenty of boar all over the place. He has a particular passion for killing pigs. They destroy land and it drives him crazy.

Leon Pierce’s father was from Spain. Mother is Welsh. Badden is his middle name, and that’s what he goes by. He moved to Kauai at the age of 27 and never looked back. He loves the foggy peaks, the constant green and the peaceful existence. He has a love/hate relationship helping rich tourists shoot and kill slobbering, tusk flaunting boar.

Badden isn’t a chauvinist, but he’s not into feminism either. He doesn’t like anyone telling him what to do, or how to live his life. He also thinks people create their own problems, and they don’t need to suck in the rest of humanity to find a solution.

Basically, Badden is a bit selfish. He’s not hateful or rude, but just wants to be at peace and do his own thing. No drama.

Badden also likes to feel the security of a plan. He doesn’t rush into things. Takes a breather to figure out the best actions for a specific scenario.

Even though Badden may be all about him, he’s gracious. He’s the opposite of Sandi in his communications. No bull in the china shop here.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
General Goal
To live in peace and quiet. Fears getting sucked into other people's needy lives.
A: It's all about him. People create their own problems, and they can deal with them.
B: He chooses to let compassion in.
C: He learns what it means to put other first.
Family Goal
Family typically means problems. At least his family is like that.
A: Doesn't want the drama of any type of relationship.
B: Witnesses the relationship between Sam and her daughter.
C: Recognizes the need for someone in his life.

Olivia Davies

Occupation / Age: Sam's Daughter / 11
Primal Color: Blue
Strengths: She's the life of a party. She's a social butterfly.
Weaknesses: She'll do anything to be in the limelight. To be popular.

Olivia has been through a lot. Her parents just ended a nasty divorce. Her father is a narcissistic nightmare. Her mom worked some crazy hours with the LAPD. Olivia’s family was her friends. Now that’s been stripped away, and the only way in her mind to get her “family” back is to move in with her dad, back in LA.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
General Goal
Olivia is afraid of being alone. She wants her family back.
A: She's angry at her mom's seeming lack of love, interest and care.
B: She sees her mom care about her in a real way.
C: Love and loyalty start blossoming. She's willing to stay on the island with her family.

Kent Perry

Occupation / Age: Chief of Police / 50
Primal Color: Yellow
Strengths: Can take charge.
Weaknesses: Loyal only to himself. Fears risks.

The Kauai police force is known for corruption and favoritism. The Chief of Police is no different. He’s not interested in helping Sandi fix anything in the forest. Why? The the mayor in Kauai, unlike other places, has too much control over the police force. Since Island Excite is a revenue item for the mayor, this takes priority.

Kent is also on the take. He’s made some deals with local drug cartels to turn the blind eye.

Why is he this way? He was born on Kauai. Tried to make a good living. But rich mainlanders have ruined his home. It costs too much to live in the nice places. He’s bitter, but he doesn’t talk about it. Only his actions do. In his mind, whatever he has to do for cash, it’s owed to him. Screw the mainlands and their government.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
General Goal
Kent wants to stay the Chief of Police, but not because he loves the law.
A: Kent doesn't help Sandi because of pressure from the mayor.
B: He hears about the attack at the midpoint, but still isn't interested in helping.
C: One of the final attacks in the film was a relative of his.
Kevin Teh

Akoni Mahi’ai

Occupation / Age: Sam's right hand man / 30
Primal Color: Yellow
Strengths: Loyal. Trustworthy.
Weaknesses: Avoids confrontation at all costs.

Akoni comes from beach and ocean culture. Not surfing though – more all types of fishing. From throw nets to spear fishing. He’s energetic. Talks a lot. Sometimes drives Sam crazy, but she really likes him.

Akoni’s father was Hawaiian and his mother Singaporean. He grew up on the mainland. Came from a poor background. He moved to Kauai after graduating from college (wildlife biology) because he wants to give back and help protect the garden isle. He works as Sam’s right hand man with the Department of Land and Natural Resources.

Akoni is in a serious relationship, but won’t propose to his current girlfriend. He had a girlfriend in college, and she cheated on him. So he fears a lack of loyalty.

Akoni isn’t into shallow relationships. He really likes to help others and isn’t motivated by money or the limelight. Sometimes he has problems saying, “no.” He can get stepped on by others who see that he’ll help them with anything.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
Family Goal
He has a girlfriend, but he's afraid of disloyalty.
A: He has a ring, but can't get over fearing cheating from the past.
B: A near death experience rattles him up. He chooses not to fear the past.
C: He proposes.

Sandi Davies

Occupation / Age: Kauai District Forest Ranger / 30
Primal Color: Red / Blue
Strengths: Decisive. Takes charge. Isn't pushed around.
Weaknesses: Worries about what people think. Can be overwhelmed. Struggles with fears.

Sandi is the protagonist. She worked for the LAPD as a Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) for the Special Flights Section (SFS). SFS provided surveillance and potential kill shots along with protection for detectives and undercover officers.

After her 2-year shift with the SFS she moved to homicide and got involved in a case to try and bring down a drug cartel responsible for a recent murder. During a bust her partner was fatally shot directly in front of her. Sandi wasn’t at fault, but she’s the one that made the decision to get involved – to go that night. Per partner was supposed to be on a date. Sandi locked up. Had to get away from the problem. Wouldn’t help bring the leader of the cartel down. As a result, 2 other offices were killed because they didn’t have information she knew.

Sandi resigned from the LAPD and took a job on Kauai as a district forest ranger. She wants to get as far away from the problems of LA as possible. Now she’s got problems with a snake. And problems with a local business influencer. And problems with the local sheriff, to name a few.

Sandi is divorced. Single parent of a 11-year old daughter. Her daughter is not cool with leaving all of her friends back in Los Angeles.

Sandi is great at making fast decisions, but sometimes she’s a bull in a china shop. She has a tough time separating peaceful communication from what people deserve. Meaning, she’s very direct. And that directness gets her into hot water. She doesn’t hold grudges. She’s all about forgiveness, but in day-to-day operations she’s a bull.

A: (vice)
B: (moment of grace)
C: (behavior afterwards)
General Goal
To escape the darkness of what happened in LA. To get away from the scum of the city. The smog, etc.
A: She doesn't want to fix the problem because he's afraid of the past. Wants the cops to do it.
B: When she loses an officer he chooses to stand firm.
C: She continues to not run regardless of the opposition.
Family Goal
The divorce is still raw. Husband is a jackass. She wants a good relationship with her daughter.
A: She doesn't know how to handle her daughter wanting to be with her dad.
B: She just wants the best for her daughter.
C: With a reset on relationship, her daughter wants to stay on the island.
Personal Goal
She would love to surf again, but too afraid of past experience with reef.
A: She won't even try to surf.
B: No matter how much you run, fear still brings the "monsters" to you.
C: She's released from fear in all kinds of ways. She's in the water, surf board in hand.