Preliminary Ideas


Hopefully these notes help a little. Some overall general notes to help guide you when you’re onsite:

  1. We’re going to do a 36″ Wolf range and stove. Thought about separating the range from the stove, but don’t see the point (unless you have input on that).
  2. We want cabinets to hit the ceiling vs the style that’s in there already, with some being open shelving that will tie into living room style as well.
  3. Two sinks. One farmhouse style sink where the current one is, and then a small sink on the island.
  4. Stone fireplace in living room and shelves replaced on either side of it (matching kitchen theme)
  5. Laundry room cabinets replaced
  6. Wood floor in room upstairs where christmas decor currently is

Thanks for meeting the seller over there. Below are pictures with specific notes about what we like that will expound on the above.


48 Incredible Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

What we like:

1) The white feel – a lot of white.

2) The lighter colored granite. We don’t want dark granite.


Amazing kitchen design idea with white tile, white cabinets, large window with white blinds and open kitchen shelves

What we like:

1) The open shelving

2) Glass doors

3) Farm-style sink (no divider)

4) Wide pull out drawers for pans

5) The small white tile wall / backsplash.

6) The wood panel dishwasher.


Beautiful Kitchen with White Cabinets and Marble. Silverhawk Enterprises.

What we like:

1) The cabinets going to the ceiling with the accent lights through the small window doors

2) The wood shelves. We like touches of wood against the white (and we want to match this in the living room shelving that replaces the mirrored shelves)


What a creative storage solution! Instead of being tangled in a drawer or taking up valuable counter space.

What we like:

1) The pull out door for cooking utensils.


Shelving added to end of kitchen island adds so much more useable countertop space!

What we like:

1) Microwave at an end of the island and out of the way (we don’t use one very much)


I love the layout of this kitchen. The fridge is easily accessible from the eating area. There's a window with sink underneath. I love the big island and the contrast in countertops.

What we like:

1) The lighting in the top of some of the cabinets.

2) The under lighting on cabinets.


absolutely perfect!! The grid window, the glass front cupboard, the wood floor, the tile backsplash that extends to the ceiling, stainless steel, apron front sink, the dark wood island, the wolf stove/oven <3. But maybe darker countertops?? Also, notice the false fascia above the cabinets for the 9' ceilings.

What we like:

1) The top on the island – that mostly white, large gray pattern look. Very cool.


Island size More

What we like:

1) On the refrigerator side of the island, we want it to indent to allow seating, similar to this picture.

Island with no sink, seating along back side. This one is a good size. Not too big, not too small.

Another take on the island seating – carving out the corner for another spot.

Home of the Month: Lake House Reveal www.simplestylings.com Stone fireplace, open shelving, cozy coastal open living area

What we like:

1) The general look and feel of this. Stone with normal wood shelving instead of mirrored.

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