The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep

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on July 3, 2014

Man I loved this film. Robert Redford produced, starred in and directed this well-told tale, and that’s incredible to me. There are no spoilers here, at least not in detail. But even if there were, the film is already a couple years old…I’m still catching up.

I was surprised at how many big names were in this picture. But I didn’t know Robert Redford produced at first. The Company You Keep has some of the best acting you’ve seen from people like Shia LaBeouf and Brendan Gleeson. So hats off to them and Redford.

I think the most amazing part of the film is how the 2nd Act wraps up, and the film finishes off. Masters of story like Robert McKee say a film is all about it’s last 20 minutes. For some films, that isn’t true because they’re not done well. For The Company You Keep, it’s definitely true.

Here’s the only semi-spoiler: in the last act of the film, every main character sacrifices for someone else. It’s amazing and beautiful. And from a post production stand-point, the music Redford brings in at the end of Act 2, and then wraps with is just pure, creative bliss. I loved it. Wow. The style he chose really moves the heart and soul.

So anyway, if you haven’t seen the film, get the blu-ray, turn off the phone, dim the lights and immerse yourself in a good movie. You’ll see that the man who launched Sundance, really does know how to make a great film.

The Company You Keep | Robert Redford | 2012


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