Banjo Strings & Post Production


Posted January 11, 2023

Virtual Crew,

Happy belated New Year & Merry Christmas!

Our tree is still up, so this doesn’t feel too late, right?

Okay, it feels REALLY late.

I hope your holiday was more fun than stress!

Fun and stress are like a dysfunctional couple. They waltz into our lives hand in hand way too often. Someone needs to tell them to break up.

Anyway…due to events, holiday and illness, RECKONING experienced neglect.

The good news? We are now in POST PRODUCTION.


What does this mean? It means the film is being pieced together.

Shot by shot. Scene by scene. Act by Act.

Picture editing, sound FX, foley, music, color grading, VFX and…more shooting.

Wait, more shooting???

Yes. There are still a few things I didn’t get.

Like my character Jasper Bennett who tells Rose where to find the letter in town. I just shot his takes yesterday:

Elias McKim plays Jasper Bennett, a banjo playing resident of Little Cataloochee.

Reshoots are also on the to-do list, which is pretty common.

When I was an editorial PA after film school on LET’S GO TO PRISON (directed by Bob Odenkirk) they redid the entire ending of the movie during post production.

Martin Scorcese shot new scenes while editing THE DEPARTED because it was only in post that he realized he wanted more in the story.

If the big guys can do it, we can do it!

So that’s the latest.

I’m back in the saddle, riding the proverbial horse as far as it’ll go each day.

And of course you’ll get to see cut scenes before anyone else!

Kyler Boudreau

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P.S.S. Our new precious daughter Reverie is doing incredible. We need to get her in a movie soon!