The People Behind The Scenes

Theater Eleven Pictures wouldn’t exist without individuals who are passionate about telling stories on the big screen. Meet a few department heads below!

Our 2017 Production - Get The Latest!

We’re going to share behind the scenes goodies including details, pic and footage. Don’t miss out on this exciting experience of shooting an independent feature on the island of Kauai!

Independent Film

What’s independent film? A film produced outside the major studio system (Warner Brothers, Paramount, etc.). So why shoot independent? Is it because we don’t like the studios? Not at all! The entire reason we’re filmmakers to begin with is a love for many studio films. But getting a film produced by a big player is pretty much impossible. Indie films give creatives a freedom they normally wouldn’t have. And we love it!

Kaui Film Production

From King Kong to Raiders of the Lost Ark to Jurassic Park, Kauai has proven to be a highly sought after shooting location for some of the most talented story tellers in the industry. Theater Eleven Pictures is excited to now call Kauai our home base for film production! Our first feature length film is slated to shoot on Kauai this December, so stay tuned!

Story Structure;

Story Structure

Great ideas come to many people. The ability to move an idea from concept to completed script is another skill entirely.

Story Structure
July 27, 2017
Crafting the Logline;

Crafting the Logline

Loglines are so tough. You're distilling 100+ pages of story down to a one or two sentence description. It's like cutting the trailer for a film.

Crafting the Logline
May 11, 2017