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Posted February 7, 2023

Virtual Crew,

Can it be February? For real??

Some of you have been on this journey with me for over a year.

DANG! Thank you so much.

As many of you know, Write & Direct officially launched!

This means I’m able to move forward with post production on RECKONING.


So…post production. What happens now?

Picture editing, sound design, music, color grading, final mix and more.

On a studio film, a team of people fill these roles and it takes months to complete the movie. On RECKONING, you guessed it. It’s all on me.


The good news?

We have a composer! Dane Walker. He’s virtual crew and physical crew.

Can’t wait to see what Dane comes up with. He’s good!!!

Below is a pic from post production back in 2006 in Hollywood, CA. I worked on two films directed by Bob Odenkirk.

Bob is a super cool guy btw. Humble. Kind. Talented. The real deal.

Tracey Wadmore-Smith, Kyler Boudreau & Bob Odenkirk | Hollywood 2006

On one of Bob’s movies, something happened that I’ll never forget.

What was it?

I had the chance to speak with Bob’s DP (Director of Photography). Told him I was an editor, but eventually wanted to direct.

Know what he said?

Check it out: He said every director should go through editorial first so they know what shots they want on set.

WHOA! This guy just affirmed my entire career path in one statement.

But why would he say this?

Because until you actually piece a movie together shot by shot as an editor, it can be difficult to envision the shots you want for YOUR movie.

Camera angles, distance, framing, movement…it’s challenging.

Monumental impacts on story.

In Write & Direct my aspiring filmmakers learn to cut footage together before building their shot list or directing anything.

But I had a problem…what footage to use for the school?

Boring stock library stuff?


Decided to come up with an alternative.

Cranked out a two-page script called THE GOLD.

Solo Slater, Actor and Director on THE GOLD

Drove out to a shooting location for RECKONING and went to work.

Just me, a script and gear. The scene is below if you’d like to watch.

Two disclaimers:

Number 1: This is NOT a story. It’s a scene. I’m not typically a fan of this type of movie making, but just needed course material.

Number 2: My wife says it’s corny. And she’s right. If I put this on my writing resume, studios would chunk me to the curb faster than raptors eat people.

Nerd Out Time: Check the timeline below for this TINY 2-minute shoot…The blue layer contains picture edits. Green is dialogue, orange is sound FX, teal represents stereo sound FX, pink is music and purple is ambient sound.

The timeline for THE GOLD in Davinci Resolve.

At just over 2 minutes long THE GOLD contains 41 picture edits, 67 foley sound additions, 1 ambient and 1 music track.

Now imagine a fast-paced BOURNE movie clicking in at two hours!


So without further adieu, here’s the link to THE GOLD:

And remember…corny. You’ve been warned!

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. Wanna see the magic of sound design? Listen to the clinking of the gold bars. In real life, they’re just plastic.

P.S.S. If you know of anyone who wants to make movies, please tell them about Write & Direct! In fact, this link is PERFECT to send out:

P.S.S. We’re at my Mamaw’s right now. She’s 95 and not doing great. Please pray for peace and serentity. Madge Crain. She’s an amazing woman. As is my mom who moved here around 8 years ago to take care of her.