First day of shooting!


Posted March 21, 2022

Virtual crew…it happened!!!

On Saturday we had our very first day of shooting.

I wish you could’ve been here.

Crew call was 7:30AM at Whitewater Equestrian in Sapphire, NC.

This was my first time shooting with horses!

Kayren (pictured below) is the man in charge at Whitewater Equestrian. An incredible person. As a Marine he spent 12 months in the hospital after being hit during Vietnam.

Kayren plays BUCK in the film.

Rick & Kathy Roepke (below) are dear friends who drove 6 hours so I could have Rick’s talent in the movie.

Rick plays NOBLE. His character refuses to give “Ghost Face” information regarding the whereabouts of Rose Lawson.

After the horse scene we had to wait until twilight to shoot the remaining scene of the day. The plan was to do this immediately, but the clouds left and the sun was too intense.

Shooting in harsh sun is extremely difficult.

So you move to plan B.

I learned something on Saturday.

That I can’t do it all.

Indie film is tough…you don’t always have crew. Fortunately Sandi, Kathy and Journey jumped in to help.

Sandi acted as 1st AD. Literally saved my bacon on some shots.

Kathy acted as sound utility and boom before she fell into the creek.

Journey assisted Kathy in finding a towel and dry clothing.

My actors were PHENOMINAL. My family-friends-crew were phenominal. And hanging out in between shooting was a lot of fun.

So far, RECKONING is off to a great start.

Thank you for the role each of you have in this. Your opinions, sharing and support are HUGE. We filmmakers need this. We don’t always have the right ideas. Or the energy. Or the faith.

So again, thank you.

And here’s a treat…Below is an actual still from the movie. You guys are seeing it first!

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. I will announce the new name for Ghost Face soon. It’ll happen this week, so stay tuned.