I can’t use GHOST FACE!


Posted March 4, 2022

Virtual Crew…I desperately need your help.

We begin shooting this month. THIS MONTH.

And guess what just happened?

My wife was at the store and sent me this photo:

Right, that’s the character in the SCREAM movies.

Wait, hold up…His name is GHOST FACE???


That’s the name of my antagonist! My bad guy.

I quickly hit up Google. Yep, there’s no way we can use the name Ghost Face in the movie. Crud.

(Not fair that they took “Scream” and “Ghost Face” IMO)

So this is why I need your help.

Been repeatedly bashing my head against the wall trying to figure out a new name. A name that will be recorded on set in less than two weeks.

Can any of you help me?

Pictured above are the masks and gun of my villain.

I need a GOOD NAME for a BAD GUY.

If someone can come up with a name that I use, YOUR name will be in the credits of the movie and on IMDb!

I will give you a legit Associate Producer credit on the film. Deal?


I knew I could count on you.

BTW…would you like a moment of story theory?

Did you know that “bad guys” are only doing what they think is the right thing to do at a given moment?

That threw me for a loop years ago when I first began studying screen writing. But it’s true, regardless of your villain.

Dr. Alexander Lloyd in THE LOVE CODE says this:

“Behind every action is an internal goal. And behind every internal goal is a belief. No matter what our beliefs are, we always do what we believe 100% of the time.”

Bad guys simply have messed up belief systems.

The more we filmmakers understand this, the better villains we can craft for our stories.

Example: The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Anyway, I need to let you guys get to work, because we need a new name.

Somebody, I’m hoping, is gonna get an Associate Producer credit on RECKONING and on IMDb!

Let’s hear them…

Kyler Boudreau