I lost a primary shooting location!


Posted February 25, 2022

What happens when you try and go for it?

Life starts chunking hard balls.

And one hit me right between the eyes this week.

I lost a shooting location.

A main actress for RECKONING flies in from Chicago on March 26th to shoot her scenes, and I found out her location is not available due to an apple orchard festival.


It’s March. The apples aren’t even here yet!

I failed to check schedules.

But we have to keep pushing forward. “Just keep swimming” as Dory would sing.

I had a meeting scheduled with the Highlands Historical Society. If they could just agree to letting me shoot at their location, March 26 could still work out.

That meeting was at 9AM today.

Harry and Lance run the historical society — Home to the oldest home in the city, built in the 19th century. The Elizabeth Wright Prince House.

And guess what? They said YES.

Not only do I have more flexibility with this location, but it’s WAY BETTER.

Check it out:

This home was built in 1877, just six years before the story for RECKONING takes place.

So blown away by this location. God definitely smiled our way, and I thank him for that.

Grateful to Harry and Lance for allowing this to happen.

I’ll upload more pics to Facebook, but check out one more…

So that’s the latest.

We are now less than a month out from shooting the film. Things are about to get CRAZY.

And with that, we’ll definitely be showing you behind the scenes footage of the shoot, so stay tuned.

Thanks for being virtual crew!

Kyler Boudreau