It’s time for location scouting.


Posted October 28, 2021

Hey loyal film nerds!

Anyone who takes time to watch behind the scenes stuff is considered a film nerd in my book.

“And I dig that about you!” (movie quote – email me if you know)

We’re full steam into pre-production. As discussed in the last email, this includes things like story boards and shot lists.

Pre-production also includes location and tech scouts.

Location Scouts

Finding the right place to shoot a movie is paramount.

On studio films, there are people dedicated to the task. For low-budget indie films like RECKONING, it’s all on me.

How do I find locations? Google, ask around and drive until the right place is discovered.

Once you find a place, the next trick is tracking down the owner.

For RECKONING I need cabins. While searching I stumbled across the Cashiers Historical Society, and the incredible Colonel John’s Cabin. It’s a legit cabin from the 1800’s.

For real???

I reached out to the organization. Told them about RECKONING, and asked if they’d allow me to shoot outside the cabin.

Guess what?

Not only did they say yes, but said I could shoot inside too.

I drove out to meet the manager of the property only to jaw drop at a fully stocked interior with 1800’s decor that would make the art department on a major studio film drool with delight.

Check out the cabin interior pictured below. This will be the home of our movie’s hero: Rose Lawson.

Colonel John’s Cabin will be used for another scene in the film.

And you’re the first ones to know this stuff!

I might share photos on social media, but some details are reserved only for you.

Tech Scouts

After locations are discovered, a tech scout involves bringing out department heads to check things in detail. Why?

Because there are a lot of variables that can affect a shooting location. Are there noisy neighbors? Traffic noise? Copperheads?

Yes, I kid you not. Copperheads.

On ROSE AND THE OUTLAW the owner of one location (the old house) told me to wrap shooting before warm weather hit, because the area is loaded with copperheads. His neighbor confirmed, showing me the size of one he’d killed the previous year.


So that’s the latest with RECKONING.

I’ll send more behind the scenes info soon, containing details reserved only for you – the film nerds.

Man… maybe nerd isn’t the right term.

Allies? Sounds like combat. Supporters? Kind of overused.

Send me some ideas. What should you be called?

Thank you for doing this with me!