Reckoning Production Update


Posted March 26, 2022

Virtual crew…you’d be happy you were virtual today! It was COLD.

But we had fun!

This email is short and sweet because it’s 1AM and I have a big day of shooting tomorrow.

Here are some pics from set.

Notice the first pic of Sandi with the slate. You can see Duckie tucked in her coat. Sandi wears a lot of hats on set, and I couldn’t do it without her!

Notice the cute look from my wife, producer, 1st AD and 2nd AC above. I’d just told her she was slating wrong. Hahaha.

Good times.

My family and friends have been incredible on set. Even in the cold.

There is no way I could pull this off without them.

Tomorrow we’re back at the cabin!

Pray for me. I need clarity and efficiency to get the shots we need…

Good night!

Kyler Boudreau