Shooting Scenes With Only One Actor


Posted May 20, 2022

Virtual Crew,

Mother’s Day had us out of town. It was good!

We got back, ready to shoot and that’s when my hero fell off her bike.

Just like that. WHAM! Face injury.

So I could either recast or wait it out.

Decided to go with the latter.

Good news is the scab is off and we’re back at it!

Yesterday we returned to the Elizabeth Prince House in Highlands, NC to reshoot some scenes — Thank you Lance and Harry!!!

I didn’t get the footage I needed of Journey during production, so she and I were a small crew to knock out her takes.

Pictured below is a key scene in RECKONING where Rose discovers Doc and Addie have both been injured.

Another scene we had to get Journey’s takes on was with Addie Crain played by Terri Crain Goodman (pictured below).

So the big question is, “How does Journey act without the other actors?”

It’s tough.

There’s so much at play when you’re acting off someone.

In fact, in the industry they call it being a “generous actor” when you put your full heart into a performance when you’re not on camera.

Meaning, you’re doing it to help the actor who is.

With our micro crew, Daddy is the fill in.

I attempt to act like Terri Crain Goodman (emphasis on attempt).

But other challenges arise — For the scene with Doc I tried to sit on the bed, but my reflection was caught in the mirror behind her.


So no generous acting happening for Journey.

But she needed an eye line at the least.

So our actor Keith McKim was reduced to a light stand on the bed.

Journey used the silver top of that light stand (above) as the imaginary face of Doc Howell.

This my friends, is a talented actress.

Look at the emotion…

And now I’m realizing I paid Keith too much.

Wait…He wasn’t paid. Thank you Keith!

Today we take Rose to a stream for one of the film’s opening shots.

As long as she stays off her bike. Or doesn’t fall into the stream.

The details. I just wanna direct!

Our FINAL huge scene to shoot is the stand off between Ghost and Rose.

It’s epic and I’m a tad nervous about it…but don’t tell anyone.

Thanks for going on the journey!

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. My wife’s incredible work with Young Living is what has freed me up to make movies. I worked full time before she started with Young Living. Not only has it transformed our health, but our finances. She just shared about her 9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY today! I’d love it if you checked out her post on FB:‚Äč