The Film Production Continues…


Posted April 2, 2022

Virtual Crew,

This last week was a complete whirlwind.

I can’t say thanks enough to my talent and crew for hanging with me.

We shot in a cabin that was so cold you could see your breath. The only bathroom was an outhouse, inhabited by a squirrel.

No joke. You knock, open the door and step back for the furry bullet.

One time it landed on me.


I want to introduce you to our main characters:

First off, Doc Howell played by Keith McKim. Keith is a dear friend who lives here in Highlands, NC. He’s an entrepreneurial builder with a lot going on, but he gave of his time to be in the film. Thank you Keith.

Terri Crain Goodman (my third cousin) has been in theater since the age of 13. She flew in from Chicago and WOW! We were blown away by her talent and incredible help on set. Terri plays Addie Crain.

Lyle Matthis is a good friend. He and his wife Jakema DROVE from Texas and worked crazy hours for a week just to help us out. They were incredible. Lyle plays Lyle Amos in the movie.

Jakema Matthis was our official Script Supervisor, or “Script Super” as they’re known in the film industry. She was awesome. You can see her working away just behind me below…

Rose Lawson is played by our very own Journey Rose Boudreau. When you’re 7 years old, sometimes a lady bug on set is more interesting than your line, but Journey stuck it out. I couldn’t do this movie without our big girl.

Lucent Taylor (Ghost) is played by myself and Aniah McKim. Aniah stepped into the role for me when I had to be behind the camera.

Here’s Aniah in the Ghost costume on set at Highlands Historical Society’s “Elizabeth Prince House.”

Aniah also acted as Second Assistant Camera.

Jehlena McKim was our production sound mixer and Gardner (blue cap) is a local indie film guy that volunteered his time one day.

Elias McKim ran important errands for us and helped me move from one location to the next. I seriously couldn’t have done this without the McKim family!!!

Also, a huge thank you to Derek and Kennick Oldenkamp who drove from South Carolina and slaved away in the cold!!!

And last but far from least is my wife Sandi. She has been CRAZY supportive during this insanity. Sandi performed in all sorts of roles from acting coach, to 1st AD, 2nd AC, Producer, Host, Marketing Consultant…and more.

Thanks sweetie.

Thank you for your prayers for us on set!

We felt them.

Production isn’t finished, but I’ve had a couple slower days to grab shots with just me and my daughter, and get more sleep!

Thank you virtual crew!

ALSO, I’m going to send out text messages for behind the scenes info as well. If you’d like to see other updates via text (that will not be sent via email) simply text ‘reckoning’ (not case sensitive) to the following number:

(424) 529-1122

That’s all for now. Hope you have a restful Sunday!

Kyler Boudreau