The Film School is Live!


Posted August 1, 2022

Virtual Crew,

Why has RECKONING taken so long?

I’ve been shooting a film school at the same time.

Well okay…that’s one of the reasons. I suppose acting, running the camera and directing hasn’t helped anything.

But here’s the point:

Today the film school is officially operational!

Wait, that sounded like I’m talking about the Death Star.

How about this:

Write & Direct is LIVE!!!

I started this project 19 months ago.

Students will learn how to make a movie in literal, hands on steps.

From idea through post production. And they’ll be plugged into a private, growing community of filmmakers.

And that’s just the beginning. More is coming like the new Write & Direct Studio platform!

The school isn’t 100% done. We’ve launched with the Development course. Over 30 lessons on how to tell a story for the big screen.

Pre-Production launches next. Then Production and finally Post Production.

You are hearing about this first.

Check my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok (my goodness).

No announcements yet. Just you guys!

Remember: If you know anyone who wants to be a filmmaker, as Virtual Crew, you can get them in for free. They pay nothing.

Email me for the discount code.

Here’s the link to register:

I’m telling you, anyone who goes through this training will be so much further ahead in many areas than I was after graduating from film school in Hollywood, CA.


Journey and I return to the farm to reshoot a few shots in the barn tomorrow. Her tooth is much more loose, but it’s still in.

Oh, and I just received permission to use this song in the film:

Josh Turknett has graciously agreed to let me use his music for FREE.

So kind. Thank you Josh!

That’s all for now…

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. Thanks so much for celebrating with me. For any sharing of the school, the film…for your moral support!