The name is finally here…


Posted March 23, 2022

The next scene on the shooting schedule shows what happens to Noble (played by Rick Roepke) when he refuses to tell “Ghost Face” the whereabouts of Rose Lawson.

A special thanks to Molly McKim for her last minute tailoring work on my villain’s pants!

We costumed up, hauled equipment to the location.

“Camera Rolls! Sound Speeds!” and….


What’s the new name???

Both Noble and the Outlaw had to pause to consider.

Okay, that’s not exactly how it happened. But we made a decision!

First a massive THANK YOU to everyone who sent in ideas and voted.

Are you ready???

The new name is:


BOOYAH! We have our OWN UNIQUE outlaw name.

Man, that was way more difficult than expected.

(Eventually we’ll learn more about Lucent and why he became Ghost.)

Brian Brasher, Kirsten McKim and Joel Smythe receive Associate Producer credits for GHOST. And my own Aunt Melody Boudreau receives one for LUCENT.

These four will have legit IMDb credits! Congrats to each of you.

And Alveraz Ricardez, if you’re reading this, the last name is in honor of your feature film that you let me cut my teeth on.

Here’s a still from shooting of Lucent Taylor:

This week two more actors roll into town:

Lyle Mathis and Terri Crain Goodman.

Plus Derek, Kara Lee and Kennick Oldenkamp are showing up on Friday to volunteer for a day. WHOA!!! That’s awesome.

Kennick is a budding director in his own right.

That’s the latest.

Would you guys mind doing something for me?

It would mean a lot. A LOT.

YouTube channel subscribers are the ticket for indie filmmakers.

Could you share Rose and the Outlaw and ask people to subscribe to my channel? Tell them the sequel is coming soon?

Here’s the link:

Rose and the Outlaw

This helps more than you may realize. Thank you.

Talk soon. Prayers appreciated. The next few days beginning Thursday are gonna be intense.

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. Jasper – I apologize for forgetting your birthday on Saturday.