The NEW name for Ghost Face


Posted March 16, 2022

Virtual Crew…you guys rock!

Seriously. Around 124 names came in. Can you believe that?

Blown away over here.

Need your help one more time — Please choose your favorite:

1) Stone Face

2) Faceless

3) No Face

4) The Ghost

5) Lucent

I must decide because the first scenes involving “Ghost Face” begin shooting this Saturday!

Here’s the set:

Also, was on location today and thinking about you guys.

Made two short videos:

First, a brief talk on checking sound on location:

Second, one of my FAVORITE filmmaking tools:

I can’t believe actors will be rolling into town soon.

They’re coming from Kentucky, Illinois and Texas.

Whoa! I’d better be ready. Gotta go!

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. I’m dialing in lighting today at Rose Lawson’s cabin. Will show you later what it looks like.