Update on the film RECKONING


Posted July 19, 2021

Hey! You’re receiving this email because you asked to be included in updates on the sequel to Rose and the Outlaw, entitled RECKONING.

I so appreciate your interest in the film!

Getting any type of production off the ground is tough, and supporters like you make the best home team fan base any filmmaker could ask for.

In case you’d like to know, film productions happen in 4 phases:




Post Production.

Right now we’re in development. Development is all about story. And it’s difficult to write a good story. In fact, there’s a term in Hollywood called “development hell” where many scripts go to die.

No amount of acting, gorgeous cinematography or sizzling visual FX will fix a bad story. It’d be like having a beautiful car with no engine.

And here’s something you might not know about a movie script:

It can only contain what is seen or heard.

Did that sink in?

A novel can dive into the innermost thoughts of a person.

Filmmakers don’t have this luxury. We can’t talk about what someone is thinking. We have to show it. It’s similar to composing music for a pipe organ vs a flute. Each instrument has advantages and restrictions.

(This is why movies based on books can struggle. They’re adapting something written for “another instrument”)

The good news?

We’re almost done with the development phase for Reckoning!

However, part of development is feedback.

And something hit me the other night — Why not ask my home team fans if they’d like to read the script and give me feedback?

Hey, great idea!

Did you know that even major Hollywood studios do test screenings of films to get feedback before release?

So I’m extending an exclusive invitation: If you’d like to read the script for Reckoning, email me and tell me you’re on board with giving your honest opinion on what works and what doesn’t.

I can’t promise to send it to everyone, but some of you who respond first will get a copy.

So that’s the latest on our film! Thanks again for your support.

Stay tuned as soon we’ll launch into pre-production!