We have a ROUGH CUT!


Posted April 19, 2023

Virtual Crew,

It happened…we have a rough cut of the movie!!!

I’m so excited.

Nobody knows but my wife and Terri Crain Goodman (who played Addie Crain).

You receive big news first.

Right now we’re clocking in at 36 minutes. Rough cuts are always long.

Here’s the timeline:

Every movie from RECKONING to MAVERICK can be viewed in a single timeline.

It’s a beautiful thing.

See the first part with orange, purple and pink blocks? That’s where sound FX have been laid in like foley and sound library sounds.

And notice where it stops? Yeah…sound design is next.

Foot steps are the worst.

Laying down foley for each step an actor takes is the thing about filmmaking that makes me want to quit and be a sous-chef.

Oh…and guess what?

Even though we’re neck deep in post production, I just had to do a reshoot.

Been dreading it a bit.

Maybe even intimidated?

It’s the final scene between Ghost and Rose…what I have just isn’t right. It’s not delivering what the story demands.

And that is a filmmaking sin.

It was early this week. Clouds rolled in to create perfect shooting conditions.

Had this feeling it was time.

Gathered everything — But Ghost’s vest was MIA.

Can’t shoot without the vest.

After looking everywhere I turned to God. “You’re gonna have to help me find that vest if you want me to shoot.”

Got this strong impression to go back to the garage.

And there it was, behind the freezer.


I’m cautious about attributing things to God. Who am I to say?

But that felt special.

Went out, got a bunch of awesome footage, and then it started to sprinkle.

Hopped under a pine tree.

Since the shooting felt Providentially inspired, I asked God “Am I done?” As soon as the words left my mouth it began to pour.

Yep, we’re wrapped!

Threw the trench coat over the tripod, grabbed the gear bag and went for home.

It was such a cool experience — This unplanned window of ideal shooting.

And I thanked God for that.

Check out the look you can get with the natural diffusion from clouds:

Everything just looks nice.

You’ll see this in movies that aren’t intended to be at high noon in the old west.

Okay…this is getting long. As always, thanks for reading!

I wish you could be with me in editorial. Sometimes you’re nervous, hoping you have the footage to make a scene work. Sometimes you’re outright laughing at behind the scenes personalities.

Here’s a still I found of me directing Lyle on how to hold his gun in a certain moment.

Lyle has never acted in a movie before RECKONING.

He was phenomenal. Can’t wait for you to see him in action!

That’s the latest.

The schedule: Picture tightening, sound design, color grading and music.

Then a virtual crew test screening — Can’t wait for you to help me shape the final cut of the film!

I appreciate you.

Kyler Boudreau

P.S. My mom fell off a ladder and broke her hip. BAM! Clean break. Three pins. Out of commission for at least a month. If you’d pray the fast forward button could be pushed on healing, that would be awesome! Her name is Joy. Personally I think she should use the time to watch movies non-stop.